Christian Kelly Art

Christian Kelly Art

Take The Chance

$14,000 Already Sold

38" x 46"

I was in New York last week for the Knicks game. When I walked out of Madison Square Garden, there was a homeless man asking for money, I didn’t have any cash, but we started talking anyways. I asked him about his life, he asked me about mine, then we sat down both acknowledging we were going to talk a little further than a quick stand up conversation. He talked about his family, the stupid decisions he made that got him here, his horrible upbringing, but still not blaming anyone but himself for this situation. We then got into books we’ve both read, spirituality and stoicism and how he’s used stoicism to help him get through those nights when he feels completely hopeless. I used my card to go to a local food truck and got us some lamb and chicken with rice (extra red and white sauce) and we ate and talked more. As I was saying goodbye, he started crying and told me this was one of the best nights he’s had in years, because 99.99% of people won’t even treat him as a human as they walk by in disgust without even making eye contact. He felt human again, he felt connected to the world once more. We shook hands, both giving each other respect and honest conversation as two human beings trying to find our way in the world, blind to the color of our skin, the money in our bank accounts, and the houses we live or don’t live in. Helping those around you goes way beyond money or resources, what people really want is for another human being to look them in the eye, connect with them on a real level, and tell them we’re in this together, two humans trying to figure out where we are and why we’re here. Thank you Jacob, you’ve changed my life forever.
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