Christian Kelly Art

Christian Kelly Art

We Are All Characters


38 x 46"

Sometimes we get tired or anxious because we’re constantly working to keep up the character.
Doing our hair is a costume.
Clothes are costumes.
The way we speak is a costume.
The career we seek is a costume.
We’re constantly building up this story of our lives in our head in which we’re the character and we have to this or that to keep the story going.
You know this is true simply for the fact that you can change the story anytime you want.
You can wear your hair this style, and take on this job, and talk in this way suddenly you’re a new character.
And listen, it’s a part of life, it can be fun, and we have these egoic attachments to being this character we’ve created.
I think the only thing we have to realize is ‘you’ aren’t the character you’re playing, you’re not the puppet on stage, you’re just the sweaty guy backstage moving the puppets around.
Play with the character you are, it’s completely fine and normal, but don’t mistake the character you’re playing for who you actually are.
And if the character you’re currently playing, isn’t making you happy, change the freaking character, change the story of your life to something that does!
Because you’re never the are the person who invents the character.
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