Christian Kelly Art

Christian Kelly Art

What If You Changed Everything?

$10,000 Already Sold

38 x 46"

What if you got sick of being an accountant or lawyer, and said "fuck it!" And went off to japan to design clothes?
What if you got sick of being a boss at some big company with your huge salary and opened your own business in an area you loved?
What if you got sick of how the school system worked put together a crazy plan for investors to open your own school?
What if you changed how you dressed or changed how you ate or changed how you spent your free time?
These are all questions to show you that no one or no thing is holding you back, you’re allowed to change everything and anything that you want.
If something isn’t going well, change it, and if you don’t like how that works out, change it.
Whatever thought pops into your head that you wish existed in yourself or in the world, you have the power to poke and prod until something on the other side comes out the way you want it to.
Painting Not Available

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